GDCh Awards

GDCh awards

All GDCh awards are highly regarded in the national and international scientific community. The German Chemical Society honors outstanding scientific achievements in the field of chemistry and related sciences.

Updated policies

NEW: Teams can now also be nominated for the GDCh awards and patents are valued equally to publications in journals .

Procurement guidelines

Some GDCh prizes already have a tradition of more than a hundred years, others have only been awarded for a few years. What they all have in common is that they honor outstanding scientific achievements. The GDCh has appointed highly qualified commissions to select the award awardee . The commissions work on the basis of the allocation guidelines of the GDCh. Equal opportunity is also a fundamental part of the decision-making process. The final decision is made by the Board of the GDCh.

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Current calls for applications including the foundation and Division Awards.

GDCh prices

The GDCh awards prizes in all areas of chemistry, from A for analysis to W for science journalism. Prizes that are highly regarded are also awarded in related areas, such as the history of chemistry .

GDCh awards with other organizations

Some GDCh prizes are awarded in close cooperation with other scientific societies or in cooperation with companies. These prizes are also awarded in various areas of chemistry.

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