Dr. Hermann Schnell Foundation

Dr. Hermann Schnell Foundation

At the German Chemical Society , the successful industrial chemist and Staudinger Prize winner Dr. Hermann Schnell (1916-1999) set up a foundation named after him. Purpose of Dr. Hermann Schnell Foundation supports young scientists in the field of macromolecular chemistry, its physical-chemical principles and its analysis.

Young chemists working at universities or publicly funded research institutions, who should generally be post-doctoral candidates and German citizens, can receive a scholarship.

In the case of candidates from other European countries, close cooperation with German researchers and research institutions must be documented. Funding is provided through grants. The awarding of the scholarships is announced through an advertisement; Self-application is possible. The foundation's advisory board selects the scientists who are eligible for funding. There are two representatives on the advisory board: from the GDCh division Macromolecular Chemistry .

Funded by the Hermann Schnell Foundation

1998 Holger Frey, Freiburg
Sigurd Höger, Mainz
Stephan Förster, Teltow
2000 Helmut Cölfen, Potsdam
Ulrich Jonas, Mainz
Rainer Jordan, Munich
Andreas Lendlein, Aachen
2001 Katharina Landfester, Golm / Potsdam
Markus Seitz, Munich
Gunnar Jeschke, Mainz
2003 Ingo Schnell, Mainz
Stefan Mecking, Freiburg
2005 Helmut Schlaad, Golm / Potsdam
2007 Hans Georg Börner, Golm / Potsdam
Andreas Kilbinger, Mainz
2009 Andreas Herrmann, Groningen / Netherlands
Seema Agarwal, Marburg
2011 Darius Hinderberger, Mainz
Yan Lu, Berlin
2013 Felix Schacher, Jena
2015 Jiayin Yuan, Berlin
2018 Matthias Barz, Mainz
Bernhard Schmidt, Potsdam

Johannes C. Brendel, Jena

Lutz Nuhn, Mainz

Foundation Advisory Board

Dr. Ruth BIERINGER, Freudenberg, chairwoman
Prof. Ulrich S. SCHUBERT, Jena
Prof. Katharina LANDFESTER, Mainz
ex officio: GDCh managing director Prof. Wolfram KOCH, Frankfurt / Main

Dr. Herrmann Schnell Scholarships 2020

Dr. Lutz Nuhn, Mainz, and Dr. Johannes C. Brendel, Jena, were awarded the Dr Hermann Schnell scholarship. The award ceremony will take place on November 3, 2021 at a virtual award symposium.


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