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In the, chemistry comes alive with articles, videos, podcasts and events from the fields of science, business and society. Registered members have full access to the members' magazine Nachrichten aus der Chemie and the Chemical Community. You can network and make new contacts and will be automatically informed about news via push.

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Chem_Connect – networking made easy

Anyone who wants to have a look. In a virtual meeting room you will meet colleagues who are committed to chemistry, who are happy to tell stories themselves, but who are also able to listen. The topics are as diverse as our subject itself and the people who are at home in it. Everyone is welcome, from young chemists to senior experts, from mid-career professionals to chemistry teachers. Experience the GDCh community in a new way.

Flying high with the The GDCh offers sophisticated, always up-to-date course content and efficient concepts under the brand.

In addition to suitable courses for further and advanced training, you can also find our established specialist programs here.

Event calendar with proximity search

The new calendar of events gives an overview of all GDCh events such as Conferences, events of the GDCh local sections or the regional forums of the JungChemikerForum through to get-togethers. In addition to a subdivision into different event categories, it enables a targeted search for events in a self-defined area.

Podcast "All Chlorine!"

The chemistry podcast of the GDCh-JungChemikerForum presents a new episode about chemistry, science and society once a month.

News leaflet catalog

With the flip catalog you can conveniently leaf through all Nachrichten aus der Chemie volumes online on your PC or smartphone.

The flip catalog also enables entire issues to be downloaded as PDF.

GDCh newsletter

Every two weeks we will inform you by e-mail about the latest from the chemical, scientific and economic world. Registration is also open to non-members.

Don't miss any more important dates, news and information from chemistry and the GDCh.

Information about studying chemistry offers a detailed overview of the "world of chemistry": In addition to the structure and process of studying chemistry, there is information on the different disciplines within chemistry and the current contact details of all universities in Germany with chemistry courses.

Information platform for the fascination of chemistry provides facts, opinions and entertaining information about chemistry. The level of difficulty of the articles varies from "easy to understand" to "chemistry affine" - however, complicated chemical formulas are largely avoided. The articles address exciting aspects of chemistry, current controversies and also “fun facts” from the world of chemistry.

Rompp Online

Members receive access to Römpp Online either free of charge in the first year of student membership or at a special price thereafter.

Google Workspace

Active GDCh members have their own GDCh e-mail inbox, cloud and groupware services in Google Workspace (formerly G Suite).

In particular, functionaries in the GDCh Divisions and in the JungChemikerForum use the offer for their work in the GDCh.

GDCh shop

Books, clothing, fan articles, games and more - all this is available in the new GDCh shop. A "clever" system in the background makes it possible for goods from the GDCh Office and products from a print-on-demand service provider to be combined in one order. New products are added regularly. And the best thing is: All proceeds from the shop go to the promotion of chemistry.

Electronic contribution invoice

Since November 2022, the GDCh has been sending out its contribution invoices in electronic form. All members who have an active email address will now receive the invoice as a PDF file. The membership card can be accessed via the personal profile in the


Hybrid conference system in the GDCh Office

Since March 2022, a hybrid conference system in the GDCh Office has offered all participants in a meeting - on site or connected - equal participation.

Opportunities for Online participation

The GDCh offers its members numerous opportunities for Online participation. For example, elections can be held online, survey tools offer the opportunity to quickly gather initial opinions and Online forms make it easier, for example, to apply for scholarships.

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