Scimus et Sciemus Foundation

Scimus et Sciemus Foundation

Excerpt from the preamble

"The non-profit Scimus et Sciemus Foundation set up by the founders Hannelore and Bernhard Kissler serves to promote basic research, especially in the field of pure organic chemistry. The foundation rests on the belief in the power of natural sciences to gradually unravel the world, so that people will one day realize what holds the world together at its core."

it is still said

"In his 1971 essay "The meaning of beauty in exact natural sciences", Werner Heisenberg recalled the eminent creative power inherent in beauty as a postulated principle of existence at all times for finding the true. When viewed as beautiful Things are linked with high symmetry in nature as in the fine arts, in physics and mathematics with the symmetry of equations, in chemistry with the symmetry of molecules and structures.The foundation recognizes and promotes the belief in the connection between beauty and truth the study of highly symmetrical compounds in chemistry."

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Dissertation Prize

Every year, the Scimus et Sciemus Foundation awards a dissertation that describes the synthesis of one or more highly symmetrical chemical structures. The decision as to whether a chemical compound fulfills the criterion of a "highly symmetrical structure" is up to the foundation's advisory board. The dissertation can come from any of the subfields of chemistry and it does not have to be specifically or exclusively focused on the synthesis of highly symmetric structures. In the event that no dissertation meets the criteria mentioned, the Foundation Advisory Board will award a dissertation of outstanding importance for basic research in organic chemistry. The annual prize is endowed with 1000.00 euros. The honored person must have German citizenship and have completed the dissertation at a German university.

One-time price

The Foundation Advisory Board also awards an international prize for the successful synthesis of each of the following highly symmetrical compounds:


  • 1,2,3,4-all-cis-tetravinylcyclobutane
  • 2,4,6,8-tetramethylenetricyclo [ 3.7 ] octane (?stellatetraene?)

The successful synthesis is endowed with a price of 2000.00 euros. The foundation advisory board is responsible for deciding whether a successful synthesis has been achieved.

The Advisory Board

dr Bernhard E. Kissler (founder)
Prof. Dr. Wolfram Koch (GDCh Executive Director)
dr Karsten Danielmeier (GDCh President 2022/23)


Dr. Jasmin Herr
Varrentrappstr. 40 - 42
60486 Frankfurt aM
Tel. +49 69 7917-323
Fax +49 69 7917-1323


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