GDCh Award for Biocatalysis

GDCh Prize for Biocatalysis


  • Subject: biocatalysis
  • Consists of: 2,000 euros, certificate
  • First awarded: 2020
  • Awarded in: Even years

For outstanding dissertations in the field of biocatalysis, our member Prof. Dr. em. Manfred Schneider set up the GDCh Prize for Biocatalysis. It is awarded to young doctors who received their doctorate no more than two years ago.

Current awardee: Ulrich Markel, University of California, San Diego/USA

Dr. Ulrich Markel is being honored with the GDCh Award for Biocatalysis 2022 for his outstanding doctoral thesis in the interdisciplinary field of developing new methods of directed evolution to improve the catalytic properties of natural and artificial metalloenzymes.

More information about dr. mark

Distinguished people since 2020


Ulrich Markel, University of California, San Diego/USA

2020 Nadine Zumbraegel, Bielefeld

Selection committee

Prof. Harald GRÖGER, Bielefeld (lead)
Prof. Kathrin CASTIGLIONE, Erlangen-Nuremberg
Prof. Andreas LIESE, Hamburg-Harburg
Prof. Dörte ROTHER, Jülich
Prof. Udo KRAGL, Rostock
Prof. Anett SCHALLMEY, Braunschweig
Prof. Uwe T. BORNSCHEUER, Greifswald
Prof. Vlada URLACHER, Düsseldorf

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