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Chemistry at Home / Corona News

During the corona-related school closings in spring 2020, we published more than 60 easily understandable articles in the Chemistry at Home series that clearly explain chemical phenomena or current research results.

In addition, we published chemical-related information on the corona pandemic during these months. 


Here you will find the GDCh monographs, for example summaries of scientific Conferences. You can buy many of them in our shop.

BUA Substance Reports

The BUA Substance Reports are reports from the Advisory Board on Existing Substances, which ceased its work in 2007. Some of them are still available in bookshops.

The Advisory Board for Existing Substances (1982-2007), known as BUA for short, with representatives from science, the chemical industry and authorities, developed a pragmatic selection process for chemicals that appear to be environmentally relevant from a large number of old substances. The data required to evaluate these substances were collected, critically weighted and published as a continuous series of substance reports.
In the following lists you will find information on all published BUA substance reports:

Substance reports continuously

Substances alphabetically

Substances according to CAS no.

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