The GDCh participates in many different ways in discussions and activities at national and international level. In the national context, this primarily concerns topic-oriented cooperation with friendly specialist societies. In an international context, closer merging of European chemical societies with the aim of creating a common European research area in chemistry is just as much a concern of the GDCh as is close cooperation with our partners in non-European countries. To achieve these goals, the GDCh is actively involved in the European and international umbrella organizations of chemistry.


Chemistry Europe (formerly ChemPubSoc Europe)

Journal Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry

Chemical Engineering Technology Journal

IUPAC/German Central Committee for Chemistry

Science connects (merger of the five major mathematical and scientific societies in Germany)

Forum Analytics

Plus STEM talent promotion


Bilateral cooperation agreements

The GDCh has signed bilateral cooperation agreements with several foreign chemical societies, which define the cooperation and give the members of both societies certain advantages. You can find out more about this here.

Charitable activities

In its statutes, the GDCh has set as its goal "the support of members in need and their relatives or surviving dependents within the meaning of Section 53 of the Tax Code (AO)".
It also pursues charitable purposes.


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