Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

The GDCh Board appoints a board of trustees for Nachrichten aus der Chemie made up of representatives from the various chemical disciplines, science, business, politics and journalism. The Board of Trustees and its individual members act as active partners to advise and support the Editorial staff in their work and in all questions relating to the content and design of the magazine.

The Board of Trustees consists of approximately 12 members who are elected for three-year terms. A one-time, immediate re-election is possible. Other members of the board of trustees include, ex officio, the president and Executive Director of the GDCh.

The following were appointed to the Board of Trustees of Nachrichten aus der Chemie for the term 2022 to 2024:

Prof. Dr. Hans-Dieter Arndt
Prof. Dr. Stefanie Dehnen (Chair)
Prof. Dr. Matthias Ducci
Prof. Dr. Eberhard Ehlers
Dr. Jonathan Faiz
Dr. Kathrin Frosch
Prof. Dr. Jens Hartmann
JCF (Federal Executive Board Representation)
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kautek
Prof. Dr. Janina Kneipp
Prof. Dr. Wolfram Koch
Dr. Susanne Rehn-Taube
Dr. Denise Schütz
Katharina Uebele
Jun. Prof. Olalla Vazquez
Dr. Ursula Westphal

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