Salary information

Money makes the world go round...

You do not talk about money? Might be. We do it anyway, after all, experienced professionals and those just starting out want to know what is usually paid in their industry.

Income survey for professionals

Are you getting paid appropriately or should you ask for more at the next salary interview than before? The annual income survey by GDCh and VAA provides the answer to this question. The data allow participants to compare their personal income with the salary level of all currently participating GDCh and VAA members. Find out more - here.

Starting salaries for chemists

There is no such thing as "the" ultimate entry-level salary for all career starters. But we have put together some information for those starting their careers in the chemical industry – here.

Service for members

As a member of the GDCh, you will find further information in the MyGDCh area (under "Special Offers" and then "Salaries").

The WG JLC salary survey 2023/2024 has started!

For the survey here

To the GDCh job market

Jobs in industry and trade, in the public sector, at universities and research institutes ... more

To the GDCh career service

Information about Career and professions, publications, events ...


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