Publications of the career service

Publications of the career service

The GDCh career service offers the following products for general information about


  • Number of students at German universities
  • Job profiles in chemistry,
  • Entry opportunities after training and studies
  • Etc.

"Diversity of chemical professions"

In order to show the variety of chemical professions, there is a series of posters of the same name as well as new job interviews. Testimonials from various professional groups express their enthusiasm for their profession in a short statement.

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Job profiles in chemistry

Chemists from different areas describe their field of activity in field reports.


  • Chemical industry / medium-sized companies
  • food chemistry
  • Publishing
  • Management consultancies
  • public service / associations etc.

Interesting for: students, doctoral candidates, young professionals

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Career entry in chemistry

Information and tips about starting a career, among other things


  • The world of work / entry without a doctorate
  • Career entry / what should be considered when applying?
  • Money / starting salaries & salary negotiation
  • Law / the employment contract
  • Future / further education & retirement provision

Interesting for: young professionals

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Career prospects in chemistry

In field reports, chemical laboratory technicians, chemical technicians and CTAs from different areas describe their respective training and career paths.

Additional information on


  • Further education and training opportunities
  • dual study
  • application
  • wages

Interesting for: chemical laboratory technicians, chemical technicians and CTAs in training or at work

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Career start

Brochure on the occasion of the GDCh job exchange 2015 in Dresden (only as a pdf download). Contains


  • Company portraits
  • Articles on the subjects of work and Career

Interesting for: students, young professionals, chemical laboratory technicians, chemical technicians and CTAs

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University statistics

Here you will find our annually published statistics of the chemistry courses as well as the survey of the next generation of university teachers, which is carried out every two years.

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The NCh career column
Observations from the everyday working life of two career counselors

Karriere, Beruf & Stellenmarkt

Flyer für Studierende

education and Career

Services and offers at a glance more

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