Information on companies

Information on companies in the chemical industry or related sectors - so that you can research suitable companies for your applications.

Association of the chemical industry

Under the keyword "The VCI", the Association of the Chemical Industry (VCI) offers links to its member companies and its professional associations - a treasure trove to collect addresses for applications.

Chemical Employers' Associations

The member companies of some regional associations can be viewed on the homepage of the directory of the member associations of the Federal Chemicals Employers' Association. Here you not only find out about smaller and larger companies in the chemical industry in your own federal state, but also have a direct indication that the company pays according to the collective agreement.


The chemical industry in Baden-Württemberg has put together a lot of information, tips and jobs in Ba-Wü on this career portal.

Chambers of Commerce and Industry

In the 83 regional chambers of industry and commerce in Germany, to be found under "IHK-Finder", companies of the respective region are united. Many IHKs offer links to their member companies. This is useful when looking for companies in a specific region.

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