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The FFCh is the Division of freelance chemists and owners of independent laboratories.

In contrast to many other GDCh structures, the FFCh is a professionally mixed group. You can find out more about the companies, the orientation and specialization of the individual members in the members' area.

Our connecting elements are entrepreneurial independence and the high standards we set for the quality of our services. These are e.g. E.g.:


  • Laboratory services: sampling, analysis, evaluation, advice and everything related to the field of analytics
  • Reports: by publicly appointed and sworn experts, commercial chemists, safety experts, etc
  • Consulting: From the development of new products and technologies to security and the optimization of operational processes
  • Other services: research, documentation, production, training and much more

The Division pursues the goals of scientific exchange and vocational training. For this purpose, further training events and member meetings are held regularly. We also encourage chemists to start their own businesses through information and support.

As members, we find professional and personal support in the group, cooperate on projects and benefit from mutual exchange.

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The Board consists of the chairman, his deputy and at least one, but not more than four, assessors.


Martin Heinrich Klaproth Award

The Division awards the Martin Heinrich Klaproth Award at irregular intervals.


Business start-up

The FFCh supports chemists who want to become self-employed, whether as a laboratory owner, by setting up a production company or as a freelance consultant or expert in any field. more

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Membership for students
EUR 5 / year

Workshops for the self-employed

"The website in 2024" - Fri, 22.11. more

Colloquium Chimicum XXI

17.10. - 18.10.2024, Berlin

Mitgliederversammlung 2024

Donnerstag, 17.10., Berlin weitere Informationen folgen

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GDCh Office
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