Board of the LChG (2023-2025)


Prof. Dr. Gerd Hamscher
University of Giessen
Institute of food chemistry
and food technology
Tel .: 0641 99-34950

Deputy Chairman

Dr. Ansgar Furthermore
Authority for the Environment, Climate, Energy and Agriculture - Institute for
Hygiene and the environment

for science

Prof. Dr. Matthias Wüst
University of Bonn
IEL bioanalytics / food chemistry

for the food industry

dr Frank Heckel
Food Chemistry Institute of the BDSI

for freelance food chemists

Katrin Janßen
Institute for Quality Promotion in the Confectionery Industry

for food monitoring

Dr. Claudia Herles
Dresden State Directorate - Department 2
Unit 25 - Veterinary and
food monitoring

Editor-in-chief of the magazine food chemistry

Dr. Jörg Häseler

Representative of WG JLC

Moritz Popp
Technical University of Munich/Helmholtz Center

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