Young scientists

Warm welcome!

Who are we?

We are an association of young scientists from the Division of chemical education (from doctoral students to junior professors).

We would like:


  • provide a platform for networking
  • enable exchange on an equal footing
  • support the scientific Career of young scientists
  • represent your interests in the Division chemical education

What do we do?

We offer you a wide range of:


  • regular Online meetings
  • informal and informal exchange meetings at conferences
  • Opportunity for relaxed test presentations in front of an audience
  • workshops
  • writing weekends
  • to make contacts
  • Assistance with open questions

How can I become a member of the "Young Scientists" working group ?

This is quite simple. Just click on the interactive map. Here you can enter your field of work and get the opportunity to contact other doctoral students and to be contacted by others.

Thank you for taking part!

Sabrina & Axel, the spokespersons of the working group for young scientists

dr Sabrina Syskowski Contact via email

Axel Langner Contact via email

dr Sabrina Syskowski

Hello dear FGCU members,

i am dr Sabrina Syskowski is the new spokesperson for the FGCU's Young Scientists working group. In my new projects, I develop teaching and learning environments for science teaching in schools and universities with augmented reality and investigate their use by analyzing eye-tracking data. In addition to my research interests, I accompany my daughters on their canoe regattas and I really enjoy cycling. I am looking forward to being able to offer young scientists a space for exchange and further development with our offer. Contact via email

Axel Langner

Hello dear FCGU members,

I'm Axel Langner and the new deputy spokesman for the FGCU's Young Scientists working group. As a doctoral student at the Justus Liebig University in Gießen , I am researching the promotion of visual understanding in organic chemistry. In addition to my research interests, I enjoy working with communication and digital media. Contact via email

Overview of chemistry didactics



An overview of dates of the working group for young scientists

Social hour - Conferences - workshops


Scholarships and research funding

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