Mastermind group

Mastermind group

At the traditional FFCh events, which have been taking place in a similar format for over 20 years, the desire for more time for exchange was repeatedly expressed. In 2015, it was decided at the general meeting to set up a group dedicated solely to exchange. In order to give the meetings structure and goals, they were organized according to the model of a mastermind group based on "Napoleon Hill".

The group currently has 8 members, which is the upper limit. Additional groups can be set up for other interested parties. The group members meet three to four times a year, sometimes in person, otherwise by video conference. They present their business projects and challenges and receive support and information from the other group members.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Dr. Claudia Arnold, Balzheim.


You can find more information about the mastermind group in the newsletters.

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