Steel production and landscape park

Our 14th SEC technology tour will take us to ThyssenKrupp in Duisburg on September 23rd, 2024. Almut and Peter Staniek prepared the tour; thank you very much for that! For details, please see the invitation, which will be sent to all SEC members in June 2024. The number of participants is limited to 40; on this tour, too, we will reserve 10 places for young chemists.

Since Duisburg is not exactly in the middle of Germany, most participants will arrive the day before and stay overnight in Duisburg ( Mercure Hotel Duisburg City ). On the evening of September 22nd, 24, a social gathering is planned in the bar of the König-Pilsener brewery " König-Pilsener-Wirtshaus ".

After the tour of ThyssenKrupp, we offer interested parties a trip to the Duisburg-Nord Landscape Park. Alternatively, the afternoon could be reserved for the journey home. If you are interested in joining this tour, please contact Wolfgang Gerhartz (e-mail Wolfgang Gerhartz or 06251-938558).


ThyssenKrupp in Duisburg (© thyssenkrupp)

The management at ThyssenKrupp is divided into three parts:


  1. Introduction in the Visitor Center
  2. Visit to a disused, cut-open blast furnace
  3. Visit to the "hot strip" (rolling mill)

Photography is prohibited on the ThyssenKrupp factory premises. The third part of the tour is the production site. There, the strict safety regulations Please note: this part of the tour is not suitable for people with walking difficulties.

Foto: Peter Czadek

Duisburg-Nord Landscape Park

In 1985, production at the Meiderich steelworks in the north of Duisburg ended. The approximately 180-hectare industrial site in the north of Duisburg was then converted into a landscape park, which is neither a park nor a landscape in the original sense. In addition to designed water, green and garden areas, there is spontaneously grown vegetation on industrial soils. The brave can climb the 70-meter-high platform of the (disused) blast furnace 5. The website provides information about the many leisure activities in the park: https://www.landschaftspark.de/. A beautifully designed brochure about the development of the park from the blast furnace site to the park can also be downloaded there.

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