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is published eight times a year by Wiley-VCH. As part of their membership fee, members of the Division receive the printed version of CHEMKON (four issues) and have over
MyGDCh free access to the digital version of CHEMKON (eight issues).
Instructions for accessing the digital editions via MyGDCh can be found here

CHEMKON has its origins in the communications of the Division for chemical education. The magazine offers interesting essays from the areas of didactics, teaching and school experiments. In the regular sections, CHEMKON reports on the latest from the Division and provides information about schools, curricula and lessons.

You can read CHEMKON issue 1/2023 for free here

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bylaws of the chemical education Division
The bylaws of the chemical education Division were changed by resolution of the General Assembly of the Division on September 13, 2008 and came into effect after approval by the Board of the GDCh at the meeting on December 5, 2008.
Rules of Procedure (pdf.file, 43 KB)

Recruit members for the chemical education Division
The Division has published a flyer to recruit members, which presents offers, activities and initiatives. The flyer is available to download or can be requested as a print version from the GDCh Office .
Flyer FGCU (pdf.file, 560 KB)

Diagnosis and support in chemical education
The brochure was developed by the educational standards, curricula and teaching research working group of the Division .
Diagnosis and support (pdf.file, 350 KB)

The bachelor's/master's degree program for teaching chemistry - suggestions for restructuring and curricular development
The chemical education Division , with a commission made up of specialist scientists, specialist didactics and school practitioners from all over Germany, has drawn up detailed proposals as to how teacher training at universities for the subject of chemistry should be designed in the future.
BA/MA studies for teaching chemistry (pdf.file, 76 KB)

Strengthening education in chemistry – GDCh’s Tutzinger Offensive for grades 5 & 6
Discussion results and recommendations from the closed meeting “Strengthening chemistry teaching in grades 5 and 6” (June 2017)
Strengthen education in chemistry (pdf.file, 851 KB)

Recommendations of the GDCh Study Commission for the bachelor's degree in chemistry at universities (August 2021)
GDCh Study Commission (pdf.file, 725 KB)


White paper on the situation of chemical experimental teaching in German schools
published by the GDCh and the Conference of Chemistry Departments (KFC), February 2024
White paper experimental teaching (pdf.file, 757 KB)

Joint position paper of the mathematical and scientific societies on the further education and vocational training of teachers
published by DVGeo, DMV, DPG, GDCh and VBIO, March 2022
Further education and vocational training for teachers is not a leisure activity! (pdf.file, 220 KB)

Statement on structural requirements for experimental teaching in schools (2018)
Structural requirements (pdf.file, 223 KB)


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White paper

on the situation of chemical experimental teaching in German schools




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