Statements and position papers

Statements and position papers

The GDCh takes a position on many chemistry-relevant topics from education, research and science policy. Here you will find a compilation of the relevant statements and position papers, which are available for download as PDF files. You can find our scientific and popular science publications under Publications

White paper on the situation of chemical experimental teaching in German schools
published by the GDCh and the Conference of Chemistry Departments (KFC)
(February 2024)

Statement of the mathematical and scientific societies against anti-democratic and nationalist approaches in Germany. Joint press release from the Umbrella Association of Geosciences (DVGeo), the German Mathematicians' Association (DMV), the German Physical Society (DPG), the German Chemical Society (GDCh) and the Association of Biology, Life Sciences and Biomedicine in Germany (VBIO).
(February 2024)

Statement by the GDCh on the terrorist attacks on Israel
(October 2023)

Statement and discussions by the GDCh on the ECHA's PFAS restriction plan
(September 2023)

Mathematical and scientific societies: Strengthen basic research in Germany
On the occasion of the “International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development 2022/2023 (IYBSSD)” proclaimed by UNESCO, the five major professional societies in the life sciences, chemistry, geosciences, mathematics and physics are calling for greater appreciation of basic research in Germany and its importance for sustainable development to communicate better and promote more effectively. (July 2022)

Further education and vocational training for teachers is not a leisure activity!
Joint position paper of the mathematical and scientific societies on the vocational training of teachers, published by DVGeo, DMV, DPG, GDCh and VBIO. (March 2022)

Joint statement from DVGeo, DPG, GDCh and VBIO on the war in Ukraine
(Feb 25, 2022)

Recommendations of the GDCh Study Commission for the bachelor's degree in chemistry at universities
(August 2021)

Education, research and innovation policy position paper of the chemical organizations
Joint position paper of the GDCh with seven other chemical organizations (March 2021)

Covid-19 and the role of aerosol particles
Statement from the joint working committee on fine dust (AAF) of DECHEMA/ProcessNet, GDCh and KRdL (December 2020)

Recommendations from the chemical societies for new tender content to promote materials and materials research, published by GDCh, Dechema and VCI (November 2020)
see also the joint position paper from GDCh, Dechema and VCI “ Strengthening Germany through material innovations ” from June 2018, at the bottom of this page.

Joint position paper of the mathematical and scientific societies on the COVID-19 pandemic, published by DVGeo, DMV, DPG, GDCh and VBIO (May 2020)

Open letter from the GDCh Division of Senior Expert Chemists to the European Commission (Discussion of more advanced nonselective herbicide technologies in Europe) (June 2020)

Scientific societies on climate change: “Listen to science!” (January 2020)
Four large mathematical and scientific societies in Germany are calling on politicians and business to take decisive action against climate change. They point to the available scientific findings that require more decisive action.

Cross-association position paper on the upper level of nine-year high schools (April 2019)

White paper on digitalization in catalysis research by the German Catalysis Society (GeCatS), published by DBG, DECHEMA, DGMK, GDCh and VDI (English) (March 2019)

Statement by the German Chemical Society on “Plan S” (framework conditions for the transition to open access) (December 2018)
Statement of the German Chemical Society on "Plan S" (English)

Statement by the GDCh Division “chemical education” on structural requirements for experimental teaching in schools (2018)

Polymer research in Germany, position paper from the GDCh Division of Macromolecular Chemistry (July 2018)

Joint position paper by the GDCh, DECHEMA and the Chemical Industry Association “Strengthening Germany through material innovations” (June 2018)

Catalysis teaching profile / Key Topic Collection for Catalysis Teaching of the German Catalysis Society (GeCatS), published by DBG, DECHEMA, DGMK, GDCh and VDI (March 2018)

Position paper of the GDCh Division of Nuclear Chemistry “Research & Perspectives”, 2nd revised edition (January 2018)

Discussion results and recommendations from the closed meeting “Strengthening chemistry teaching in grades 5 and 6” (June 2017)

Position paper "Energy storage - The contribution of chemistry", published by DBG, DECHEMA, DGMK, DPG, GDCh, VCI and VDI (January 2015)"; the study "Energy storage as an element of a secure energy supply" was carried out in chemistry, engineering, technology, Issue published 1/2/2015.
Position Paper "Energy Storage Systems - The Contribution of Chemistry" (May 2016)

Hague Ethics Guidelines (January 2016)
Under the leadership of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), more than 30 scientists and representatives of chemical societies, including the GDCh, developed the “Hague Ethics Guidelines”, which are expressly supported by the GDCh Board . Further information and Hague Ethics Guidelines (German translation)

Recommendations of the GDCh Study Commission for the bachelor's degree in chemistry at universities (April 2015)

Joint statement by the mathematical and natural science societies on university financing (January 2015)

Strategy paper of the Fine Dust Working Committee of ProcessNet, KRdL and GDCh (English), (Strategy paper particles fine 2014) (November 2014)

Statement on the further development of the CHE ranking (December 2013)

Discussion paper "The GDCh on the coalition agreement" (December 12, 2013)

GDCh position paper “On the future of academic publishing” (December 2013)
GDCh Position Paper “On the Future of Scientific Publishing” (December 2013)

Joint statement “Secure sustainable funding for universities now!” from GDCh, DMV, DPG and VBIO (June 2013)

Position paper "Positions and demands of chemical organizations from science and business on education, research and innovation", published by BAVC, DBG, DECHEMA, GDCh, GBM, IG BCE, VAA and VCI (January 2013)

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