Sources of information

Periodic Table of the Elements Online

American Elements


ECHA PSE (The Periodic Table of the European Chemicals Agency Echa provides information on the properties of the elements, how they are used and how they are safe to use.)

Elementary Diversity - Periodic Table (The new, digital periodic table of Elementary Diversity (ElVi) - the ideal companion for mobile learning, homeschooling or digital chemistry lessons. YouTubers explain the periodic table, among others)

IUPAC PSE (authorized by IUPAC)

IUPAC Periodic Table of the Elements and Isotopes (Interactive IUPAC Periodic Table, developed by the King's Center for Visualization in Science, Canada)

LENNTECH PSE (with health and environmental effects)

PSE (c) Merck KGaA (app with interactive table, knowledge test, a wealth of information, very attractively designed)

PSE- Online (Material-Verlag)

PSE smart-elements GmbH (source of various element exhibitions such as at BASF)

Ptable (interactive with many features by Michael Daya)

The Periodic Table of Videos (from the University of Nottingham; the PSE in picture and sound)

The Visual Elements Periodic Table

WebElements Periodic Table

Other Sources of Information

Analytics NEWS (laboratory magazine)

Chemical Abstracts Service (scientific specialist portal with current industry and product information from chemistry) (website for Werner Thum 's chemical education )

Learn chemistry - from the basics to complex chemistry (by M. Thoma)

Studying chemistry (everything about studying - an information platform from the GDCh)

German Chemistry Museum Merseburg (with original plants and apparatus from the chemical industry of the 20th century)

Eurolab Germany (Internet platform about chemical experiments by Peter Wich)

Experiment of the month (by Axel Schunk)

FIZ Karlsruhe (Technical Information Center Karlsruhe) (Swiss organic portal)

science-softCon (UV / Vis + Spectra Data Base of Atmospheric Constituents)


Select Science

STN International (Service Center Europe)

Technical Information Library Foundation (TIB)

Thieme Chemistry (information about chemistry)

Think-Ing (information on engineering courses)

WEBIS - Collection focus at German libraries

Wiley Online Library (full texts)

Wissenschaft-online (science portal from Spektrum Akademischer Verlag and Spektrum der Wissenschaft)

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German Chemistry Museum Merseburg

Deusches Chemie-Museum Merseburg

The PSE in the GDCh shop

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