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GDCh special fund for extraordinary specialist group activities

The special fund for extraordinary specialist group activities was approved by the GDCh board of directors on
Launched December 5, 2008. 10% of the rental income from magazines owned or co-owned by the GDCh flows into the fund. The funds are intended to help encourage creativity and ideas in design. For access to these funds, the chairmen of the Divisions submit informal applications to the GDCh Office ( Dr. Gerhard Karger ), in which the projects are described. The GDCh Executive Director decides on the approval of the sums after consultation with the spokesman for the Divisions in the GDCh Board.

Which special activities can be funded?


  • Initiatives for stronger networking within the GDCh, but also with other chemical science societies
  • Activities to promote understanding of chemistry among the general public or among special target groups (“outreach”)
  • Innovative formats for new target groups
    Best-practice example: Networking meeting of the Inorganic Chemistry internship supervisors
  • Creation of opportunities to recruit new GDCh members

What must be guaranteed?


  • Good visibility of the GDCh during the event (e.g. GDCh and specialist group logos, note in the welcome speech) 1
  • Publication of a report in the GDCh member magazine Nachrichten aus der Chemie 2 after the event
  • In the case of recurring formats, funding from the special fund can only be start-up financing.

1 GDCh advertising and information materials will be made available.
2 Please note the author guidelines and deadlines of the Nachrichten aus der Chemie.

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