Young economic chemists

JuWiChem - Young economic chemists Chemists

Youth organization of the Association for Chemistry and Economics for student and young members

goals and tasks

The young business chemists form a national network for students and young graduates (up to three years of professional experience) with an interest in chemistry and business. Together we represent the interests of the student and young members of the Association for Chemistry and Economics (VCW).

Our core tasks include the organization of supraregional events, direct cooperation with the Board of the VCW and networking with the regional associations of business chemistry. In doing so, JuWiChem not only face the challenges of young business chemists, for example to increase the acceptance of the course in science and industry, but also try to overcome the spatial distance to other students of business chemistry. To the same extent, JuWiChem a stronger network of chemists interested in economic issues in order to enable exchange and the formation of a common platform.

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Collaboration and membership

Dedicated members are involved in the work of the subgroup through active participation in the development of JuWiChem and in the organization of future events.

Membership in the VCW and the GDCh results in automatic membership in the young JuWiChem. In addition, members of the regional "economic chemists ' associations" have the advantage of participating in JuWiChem events even without membership in the VCW.

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Federal Board

The JuWiChem board represents the interests of the student and young VCW members and is directly elected by them. The Federal Executive Board gains weight within the section through permanent voting rights on the VCW Board .

The current composition of the Federal Executive Board can be viewed on the JuWiChem. Representatives of the local commercial chemistry associations take guest seats.


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