chemical education 2023

39th advanced training and lecture conference of the Division chemical education education

as part of the GDCh Science Forum Chemistry 2023 "Rethinking Chemistry"

04 - 06 September 2023 in Leipzig



Registration open from May 3, 2023

© 2011 Dietrich vom Berge
© 2011 Dietrich vom Berge

scientific programme

Experimental and Discussion Lectures (pdf.file, 90 KB)

Workshops (pdf.file, 138 KB)
Participation in the workshops is only possible after registration!

Poster short presentations (pdf.file, 51 KB)

Poster session (information to follow)

The complete program of the GDCh Science Forum can be found here

Criteria for FGCU Top Posters and Poster Awards

The following guidelines and criteria apply to the selection (pdf.file, 14 KB).

Awards ceremony and social evening

Monday, September 04, 2023 at 7:45 p.m

Pentahotel Leipzig

The Pentahotel is located in the heart of Leipzig. The hotel's modern restaurant provides the culinary setting for the FGCU social evening, where the FGCU awards are traditionally presented.


  • Friedrich Stromeyer Award
  • Award for teachers in primary schools

Furthermore, the Fonds der Chemischen Industrie (FCI) awards its prizes for


  • vocational school teachers
  • student teachers

Cost* per person (drinks on a self-pay basis)
Members 45 euros
Students 40 euros

The number of participants is limited. Registration is required.

* These items include 19% VAT.

General Assembly

Wednesday, September 06, 2023, 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m
Schiller Hall in the Congress Hall at Leipzig Zoo, Pfaffendorfer Str. 31, 04105 Leipzig

1. Welcome / determination of the agenda
2. Approval of the minutes of the General Assembly of September 16, 2022
3. Resolution on changes to the bylaws and authorization of the board to adjust the bylaws in accordance with the specifications of the GDCh board
4. Report of the Chairman
5. Report on the GDCh teacher training centers
6. Cash position / discharge of the board
7. Application of the Executive Board for awarding honorary membership
8. Reports of the working groups
9. Miscellaneous

Members who are not registered for the scientific program can go directly to the General Assembly . It is not necessary to register at the conference office.

Leave of absence for teachers

The GDCh has submitted an application for accreditation of the 39th advanced training and lecture conference of the Division chemical education in all federal states as teacher training.

Below you will find the information received from the individual federal states regarding the accreditation of the Conference and the exemption of teachers. The list is continuously updated.

Federal State accreditation exemption
Baden-Wuerttemberg no official recognition procedure not specified
Bavaria Event approved in FIBS
File number: E471-0/23/334485-1, event number: 334485-1
Application to the school administration or school authority
Berlin no permits for events outside of Berlin, Conference included as an external offer not specified
Brandenburg Approval No.: 230904-44.11-46512-230509.8 Application to the school administration or school authority
Bremen no official recognition procedure not specified
Hamburg no accreditation process application to the school administration
Hesse LA offer no. 02308307 not specified
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Recognition of an external further training event for teachers of the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in accordance with Section 16 LehbildG MV Interested teachers are responsible for organizing their time off from teaching
Lower Saxony VeDaB event number TMPGDCh.23.36.03 not specified
North Rhine-Westphalia no accreditation procedure; Event entered in the continuing education search engine of the Ministry of Schools and Education in North Rhine-Westphalia not specified
Rhineland-Palatinate Event: Ref.: 23ST023401 The granting of leave is not regulated at the same time as the recognition.
Saarland Event number A15.163-0834 not specified
Saxony Event number EXT05464 in the Online educational catalogue not specified
Saxony-Anhalt no recognition process not specified
Schleswig Holstein There is an urgent official interest (in the sense of §3 paragraph 8e) of the teacher service regulations from 18.06.1998) for participation in this event for technical reasons (IQSH). Application to the school administration or school authority
Thuringia recognition granted
File number: 5094-74-1188/23
not specified

Leave of absence for teachers
Corresponding applications are not to be sent to the GDCh, but to the responsible school supervisory authorities in good time via official channels.

All about the GDCh Science Forum

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