AG Digitalization in chemical education

AG Digitization in chemical education


Hello. Our names are Johannes Huwer and Amitabh Banerji and together we are the founders of the "AG Digitization in chemical education" of the GDCh Division of chemical education. Information about our AG can be found in the fold-out menus further down on this page.


Prof. Dr. Johannes Huwer,

University of Constance

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Prof. Dr. Amitabh Banerji,

University of Potsdam,

Homepage of the AG Banerji

Please address your questions and suggestions about the working group and its activities to

Why DiCE?

Digitization is currently not only affecting Germany, it is one of the most important topics of the 21st century worldwide. The visibility of the AG in the international arena to ensure we have decided, therefore, speaking for the English name "D igitalisation i n C hemistry E ducation". Since the acronym dice (Engl. For cube) can be formed from the four initial letters, our logo was born :-)

Our goals

The general aim of this working group is to harness the potential of digitization and digitality for chemical education .
At the founding meeting, suggestions were made on the following main areas of work, with a focus on schoolchildren and with a focus on teachers:

1) Focus: Schoolchildren ("K12")
This focus is on the concrete use of digital media in chemical education with the four functions (learning tools, learning guides, experimental tools and learning objects).

2) Focus: Teachers ("High Ed")
This focus deals with the first, second and third phases of training for chemistry teachers. The focus is on the promotion of digitization and digitality-related skills of students, trainee teachers and active teachers.

Both focal points deal with the basic to high-end application and use of digital media in the educational context. These focal points are to be worked on collaboratively by various actors in chemistry didactic research and teaching practice.


The AG DiCE was founded on 17.09.2019 at the 36th annual conference of the <division> chemical education in Aachen. The members of the AG DiCE belong to various professional groups, including teachers, scientists and representatives from industry associations and foundations. As of January 2021, we have 31 members. The picture below gives an overview of our membership structure.</division>

Would you like to become a member of our AG and get actively involved in our work?
Then please send an application to with:
- a short letter of motivation
- and indication of the type of membership (see picture)

Publications from the working group

N. Graulich, J. Huwer, A. Banerji (2021). DiCE 20 - A digital Conference for teaching and learning chemistry at schools and universities. CHEMKON, 28 (1), 42-44.

J. Huwer, A. Banerji and C. Thyssen (2020). Digitization perspectives for chemical education. Nachrichten aus der Chemie 68, no.10 (2020): 10-16. 10.1002 / nadc.20204100187.

J. Huwer, A. Banerji (2020). Thanks to Corona ?! - Digitization in chemical education. CHEMKON, 27 (3), 105-106.

DiCE Conference 2023

From chemical education. -24. March 2023 the next DiCE Conference . All further information can be found in the flyer listed below and at:


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