Innovation Award

Innovation Award of the Division of Patent Law

The Innovation Award of the Division of Patent Law is awarded to innovations from universities and research institutes in the field of chemistry or pharmacy that have been patented and represent significant technical progress. The prize is endowed with earmarked prize money of EUR 3,000. The sum is to be used for the creation and maintenance of intellectual property, for example for the patent granting process, associated subsequent applications and annual fees.

The prize is advertised every two years and awarded as part of a specialist group event or the GDCh Science Forum Chemistry.


Year invention awardee
2023 / /
2021 Hydrogenation catalysts for the production of fluorinated aliphatic compounds from aromatic precursors (EP 3 601 203) Prof. Dr. Frank Glorius, Munster;
dr Mario Wiesenfeldt, Munster;
dr Zackariah Nairoukh, Jerusalem/ISR


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