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Who we are - What we do

The Division of Computers in Chemistry (CIC) deals with all aspects of computer-based acquisition, processing and documentation of information and knowledge in chemistry. It sees its main task in bringing together all interested scientists for the purpose of maintaining and further developing this field of knowledge. It promotes the exchange of ideas and experiences and the communication of professional suggestions, among other things through the


  • Promotion of computer applications in the chemical sciences as part of teaching at universities
  • usually an annual international specialist group conference
  • Support for open access and open source developments in the subject area of the Division
  • Cooperation between industry and university
  • Participation in relevant national and international working groups
  • Maintaining relationships with related institutions at home and abroad

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Work areas

The Division works in the areas


  • current developments in the field of computer applications in chemistry
  • cheminformatics including e.g. docking methods, QSAR, virtual screening, in-silico ADMETox
  • the molecular modeling of chemical, biological and material systems
  • Databases for chemical information (facts, spectra, structures, reactions, algorithms)
  • Methods for processing chemical information and for acquiring knowledge (statistics, chemometrics, evolutionary algorithms, machine learning)
  • improving the management of chemistry information


The Board, which is elected for four years at a time, consists of the chairman, his deputy and at least one but no more than three assessors. Universities and industry should be equally involved in the composition of the board. The Board is supplemented by associated members who are appointed by the Board . Young members are represented on the Board by a YOUNG-CIC member.


CIC Young Scientist Award for Computational Chemistry

The Division awards the CIC Young Scientist Award for Computational Chemistry every year for excellent dissertations and diploma / master's theses that touch on the scientific fields represented in the CIC and represent a special achievement for the further development of the CIC field. more

Summer School on Cheminformatics

In order to give interested chemistry students an insight into the field of computers in chemistry , a "Summer School on Cheminformatics" is usually held every 2 years. During this one-week block course, the students are introduced to the methods of chemoinformatics through lectures and practical exercises. The course can possibly be recognized with 3 ECTS in the university courses .


GDCh Science Forum Chemistry

04.09. - 06.09., Leipzig

CIC annual conference - Tue, 05.09., 10.50 a.m. - 5.20 p.m

Symposium "Robots in Chemistry" with FG Medicinal Chemistry - Mon, 04.09., 2.10 - 3.30 p.m

Symposium "Research Data Infrastructure" with NFDI - Mon, 04.09., 4.00 - 5.20 p.m


Summer School on Cheminformatics 2023

08/21 - 25.08., hall more

GDCh Science Forum Chemistry 2023

04.09.-06.09., Leipzig

CIC Annual Meeting
Tue, 05.09., 10.50 a.m. - 5.20 p.m

Symposium "Robots in Chemistry" with FG Medicinal Chemistry
Mon, September 4, 2:10 p.m. - 3:30 p.m

Symposium "Research Data Infrastructure" with NFDI - Mon, 04.09., 4.00 - 5.20 p.m


General Assembly

Mon, November 20th, 2023, 5 p.m., online - agenda to follow


EuChemS CompChem 2023 - 27.08.-31.08.,

18th GCC 2024 / EuroSAMPL

The next GCC will take place from 03.11. - 06.11.2024 in Bad Soden. Further information follows.

Advanced training CIC

Current training courses can be found here


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GCC archive

17th GCC / EuroSAMPL 2022
17th GCC / EuroSAMPL 2021 - postponed to 2022
16th GCC / SAMPL 2020
15th GCC 2019
14th GCC 2018
13th GCC 2017
12. GCC 2016 - no abstracts available
11. GCC 2015
10. ICCS/GCC 2014
9th GCC 2013
8th GCC 2012


GDCh Office
Dipl.-Biol. Nicole Bürger
Tel .: +49 69 7917-231

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