AG Chemistry and Society

AG Chemistry and Society

The Working Group "Chemistry and Society" was founded by the then GDCh President Dr. Thomas Geelhaar at the beginning of his tenure in 2014 to strengthen the dialogue between chemistry and society. Under the guiding principle "Chemistry in Dialogue with Society - Information, Fascination, Controversies", the members of the working group are engaged in an open exchange at the interface between chemistry and society.

The GDCh interacts with society in many places. You can find an overview under the quick links.

The Chemistry Has ... group emerged from the Working Group group and works on various projects (see the bottom of this page).

Projects and events

working group "Chemistry is ..."

Chemical reactions control processes in living and inanimate nature. Chemistry is therefore a science of nature, in short: a natural science. In addition, the knowledge of chemistry, like that of physics or biology, is used industrially to manufacture and improve many products of our daily life. At best, the public appreciates their benefits and knows their risks. From our point of view, the GDCh should do more to convey chemical knowledge in a generally understandable way and to address controversial topics.

For this purpose, the "Chemistry is..." working group was founded, which aims to arouse interest in chemistry and explain chemistry issues in relation to everyday life. Contributions can range from newspaper columns to science slams. They are aimed at both young people and adults. They should neither embellish nor demonize chemistry and its achievements, but rather present them with facts. In this way, the working group contributes to the fact that new technologies in which chemistry plays a role can be discussed in a topical in public.

The activities of the working group include the development of the cartoons, the creation of the film Straßenstars Chemie and the implementation of four ChemSlams so far in 2021, 2019, 2017 and 2015. The last ChemSlam took place on August 30, 2021 as part of the GDCh Science Forum Chemistry.

If you are interested in working in the working group "Chemie ist...", please contact the speaker of the working group Philipp Spitzer ( contact).

Polymers - Modern All-Rounders (2020)

Elements - 150 Years of the Periodic Table (2019)

Human Planet (2015)

Nano (2014)

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