Young radiochemistry

JuRadChem - Young Radiochemistry

Youth organization of the FG nuclear chemistry

Junge Radiochemie - JuRadChem - is a national network for students and young graduates with up to three years of professional experience who are interested in radio, nuclear or actinide chemistry.

In doing so, JuRadChem meets the challenges of young radiochemists to learn and disseminate new research methods. It supports them in networking on a common platform. The JuRadchem are in lively content-related and organizational exchange with the Board of the Division of the nuclear chemistry specialist group - for example with regard to participation in the planning and design of Conferences or the coordination of upcoming awards. One of the core tasks of JuRadChem is the organization of its own national events.

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Collaboration and Membership

Membership in the FG nuclear chemistry and the GDCh automatically results in membership in the JuRadChem youth organization for student and young members.


The JuRadChem Board represents the interests of the student and young members of the Division of Nuclear Chemistry and is directly elected by them. It consists of the Chair and the Deputy Chair . The founding board was appointed by the board of the nuclear chemistry Board of the Division in September 2022 as follows:

Board 2023

Christian Urbank (Chair)
Isabelle Jeschke (deputy)

Board - Archive

Christian Urbank
Isabelle Jeske

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