Martin Heinrich Klaproth Award

Martin Heinrich Klaproth Award

The Division "Freelance Chemists and Owners of Independent Independent Laboratories" awards the Martin Heinrich Klaproth Award. The award statutes regulate the details as follows:

Award statutes for the Martin Heinrich Klaproth Award

§ 1 The Board of the Division for freelance chemists and owners of independent independent laboratories decides to Division Award under the name of the Martin Heinrich Klaproth Award .

§ 2 The award is to be given to colleagues for innovative independent work in the field of chemical freelance work.

§ 3 Members of the Division, university lecturers and Head of chemical laboratories are entitled to make proposals. The members of the board of the Division form the jury. You decide with a simple majority of votes.

§ 4 The award includes a certificate showing the merits of the recipient. The endowment is set at 1000 euros.

§ 5 The awardee reports on the work at the annual meeting of the Division.

Proposals for awardee are requested in electronic form

German Chemical Society eV (GDCh)
Board of the FG FFCh
Varrentrappstrasse 40 - 42
60486 Frankfurt am Main


Dr. Jan-Christoph Wolf, Augsburg

Dr. Wolfgang Schupp, Oberhilbersheim


Dr. Bernd Schied, Wiesbaden


Dr. Rombertus Marmodée, Wolmirstedt


Dr. Norbert Latus, Rietberg


Dr. Achim Gerhard, Boppard

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