working groups

working groups

The relevant work of the LChG is mainly carried out in the working groups. The LChG thus offers the opportunity to cover the entire range of food-chemical tasks and to engage in continuous scientific discussion of current issues.

The results of these working groups are published, among other things, in position papers in the journal food chemistry and on the LChG website. Definition papers ( pdf )

Of particular importance is the high technical competence of the working groups in connection with the preparation of numerous written statements, with which the Board actively participates in legislative projects of the Federal Government and the European Community.

The following 24 working groups currently exist:


  • flavorings more
  • consumer goods more
  • Biochemical and molecular biological analytics more
  • elements and element species more
  • fish and fish products more
  • meat products more
  • nutritional issues more
  • fruit juices and beverages containing fruit juice more
  • feed more
  • university teaching more
  • Young food chemistry more
  • Cosmetic means more
  • cereal-based foods more
  • food laboratories more
  • food monitoring more
  • milk and dairy products more
  • nanomaterials anymore
  • pesticides anymore
  • quality management and food industry more
  • liquors more
  • stable isotope analysis more
  • more veterinary drug residues
  • science communication more
  • additives more

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