membership magazine of the Division

membership magazine of the GDCh Division of Analytical Chemistry

The membership magazine is the official organ of the Analytical Chemistry Division . It is usually published four times a year; since 2020, one issue per year has been dedicated to a key topic (2020: Corona analysis, 2021: Environmental analysis, 2022: Material analysis, 2023: Industrial analysis).

All members of the Division receive the printed version of the newsletter as part of their Divisions contribution. The Online editions are also available for download here. (Downloading the PDF files may take some time if you have a slow internet connection.)

Media data

CURRENT YEAR: PDFs & flip catalogues

Class of 2024
1/2024: PDF; Flip catalogue
2/2024: PDF; Flip catalogue
3/2024: PDF; Flip catalogue
4/2024: PDF; flip catalogue

Online editions 2021ff: PDFs & flip catalogues

Class of 2023
1/2023: PDF; Flip catalogue
2/2023: PDF; Flip catalogue
3/2023: PDF; Leaflet catalogue (Special issue: Industrial analytics)
4/2023: PDF; Flip catalogue

Class of 2022
1/2022: PDF; Leaf catalogue
2/2022: PDF; Flip catalogue
3/2022: PDF; Flip catalogue
4/2022: PDF; Flip catalogue (special issue: material analysis)

Class of 2021
1/2021: PDF; Flip catalogue
2/2021: PDF; Flip catalogue
3/2021: PDF; Leaflet catalogue (special issue: Environmental analysis)
4/2021: PDF; Flip catalogue

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