Albert-Overhauser Award

Albert-Overhauser Award of the GDCh Division Magnetic Resonance

In honor of Albert W. Overhauser's groundbreaking research work, the GDCh Division Magnetic Resonance has been awarding the Albert-Overhauser Award since 2019. The prize recognizes an outstanding scientific publication by a young scientist (postdoc). The award is usually presented annually and includes a certificate of award and prize money of 750 euros.

Awarding of the Albert Overhauser Prize: selection process

The price is currently not advertised.

Albert-Overhauser Award 2020

The Albert-Overhauser Award was presented to Dr. Angeliki Giannoulis for her publication ?Two closed ATP- and ADP-dependent conformations in yeast Hsp90 chaperone detected by Mn (II) EPR spectroscopic techniques? ( National Academy of Sciences).

Albert-Overhauser Award 2019

v.l.n.r.: B. Luy, T. Orlando, J. Liermann
(Foto: GDCh)

The first Albert-Overhauser Award was awarded to Dr. Tomas Orlando for his publication ?Dynamic Nuclear Polarization of 13C Nuclei in the Liquid State over a 10 Tesla Field Range? ( Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. ).

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