2015 Wetzlar

Fantasy and photography in Wetzlar

I invited the SEC members to Wetzlar on November 24, 2015 for the 7th SEC Technology Tour. As before, together with the pensioners of the VAA in Hanau-Wolfgang. The program included the modern architecture of the new Leica building, the world of Leica cameras and the role of fantasy literature in industrial innovation.

Leica world of experience

Leica Camera Firmenzentrale in Wetzlar

At Leica Camera AG, we experienced the Leica legend with all our senses in the new company headquarters in Leitz Park. For Leica enthusiasts, interested parties and guests from all over the world, a fascinating adventure park has been created 40 minutes by car from Frankfurt am Main, which offers exciting insights into the Leica world. Photography is the focus here. Exclusive exhibitions, lectures and book signings by internationally renowned photographers make up the Leitz Park's exclusive program of events. In the new company building, visitors could follow production and assembly. An exhibition of historical cameras, lenses and sports optics products, a Leica Gallery, a Leica Store, a factory restaurant and a café rounded off the offer.

Fantastic library

Auszug aus Mickey Mouse
(© 1949 Walt Disney Productions*)

The Fantastic Library Wetzlar manages and maintains the world's largest publicly accessible collection of fantastic literature with a book inventory of over 260,000 titles from the fields of science fiction, fantasy, utopias, horror, fantasy, fairy tales, sagas, myths, travel and adventure literature. The collection is unique in its completeness of modern speculative literature.
The Head of the Fantastic Library, Thomas Le Blanc, gave us a lecture on the benefits of fantastic literature for industrial innovation (see Nachr. Chem. 2015, 63, 627 ). Afterwards we were allowed to visit the Phatastic Library in two groups.

Wolfgang Gerhartz, in July 2015

* The graphic to the right of "Fantastic Library" shows a now famous scene from a Mickey Mouse booklet from 1949: Donald and his nephews lift a sunken yacht by pressing ping pong balls into its hull. The idea was registered for a patent in 1964 by BASF, among others, but the Dutch examiner rejected the patent because the publication in the Mickey Mouse booklet of 1949 was not novelty!

Technology tours

SEC Technology tours are currently being organized by Wolfgang Gerhartz, Tel 06251-938558. Suggestions for the design of future excursions are welcome.

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