awardee of the Gerhard Billek Prize

awardee of the Gerhard Billek Prize


awardee (place at the time of the award)

Dissertation topic

2019 Dr. Henning S. Kuchenbuch, Münster

Investigations on the stability and degradation of T-2 toxin during thermal food processing

2018 Dr. Stefan M. Spreng, Orbe VD / CH

Activity-oriented identification of key antioxidant ingredients and their effect on the oxidative stability of beer

2017 Dr. Jochen Ulrich Ziegler
Profiles, development, and heritability of biofunctional constituents in flours, sprouts, and breads of ancient and modern wheat species
Dr. Yanyan Zhang
to water
Development of Novel Fermentation Systems for the Production of Nonalcoholic Beverages with Basidiomycetes
2015 Dr. Katharina Anne Scherf
Investigations into salt perception in bread and texture model systems - a contribution to the reduction of table salt in food
2014 Dr. Michael Dresel,
Gent / B
Structure and sensory contribution of hard hop resins to the bitter taste of beer as well as cell-based studies on their absorption and metabolism
2013 Dr. Uta Schwietzke, Dresden Combination of analytical strategies and multi-variable data analyzes for the assessment of milk and dairy products
2012 Dr. Franziska Grzegorzewski, Berlin Influence of Non-thermal Plasma Species on the Structure and Functionality of Isolated and Plant-based 1,4-Benzopyrone Derivates and Phenolic Acids
2011 Dr. Dominik Durner, Neustadt Micro-oxygenation of red wines
2008 Dr. Hauke Hilz, Bremerhaven Characterization of Cell Wall Polysacchrides in Bilberries and Black Currants
2007 Dr. Diana Linke, Hanover Extracellular enzymes from Pleurotus sapidus: production, characterization and isolation by means of preparative foaming
2007 Dr. Thorsten Fiedler, Elsdorf Contribution to the chemistry of alpha-dicarbonyl compounds in the Maillard reaction of sucrose with the formation of melanoidins

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