Publications of the GDCh Division of Macromolecular Chemistry

University Guide macromolecular chemistry (2018/2020)

In its university guide, the Division presents the entire range of research in the field of macromolecular chemistry in Germany.

1st edition: 2018 (printed)
Printed copies of the German-language print edition can be purchased via the GDCh shop - while stocks last...

2nd updated edition: 2020 (online)
Members of the Division can access the German and English Online versions exclusively on MyGDCh, the protected GDCh member area.

If you are not yet a member, you can change that at any time using this online registration form.

Polymers - modern all-rounders (2020)

In August 2020, the GDCh published the special publication with the support of the Division of Macromolecular Chemistry and in cooperation with “Spektrum der Wissenschaft”.

Polymers – modern all-rounders
A magazine from the German Chemical Society

Polymer research in Germany

Polymer research in Germany
Position paper (2018; German version)

Polymer Research in Germany
White Paper (2018; English language version)

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