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PhD Award award of the GDCh Division of Chemistry & Energy

From 2023, the GDCh Division of Chemistry & Energy will usually award the Chemistry & Energy PhD Award every two years for an outstanding dissertation that makes an important contribution to linking the fields of chemistry and energy. The award comes with a certificate and prize money of 1,000 euros donated by BASF. The handover takes place on the occasion of the Division conference conference, which takes place every two years. The awardee winner is invited to present the award-winning work in a short presentation. A prize committee appointed by the Division Board board decides on the award of the prize. The prize can be shared in exceptional cases.

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PhD Award Chemistry & Energy 2023

The PhD Award was   on the occasion of the Division conference 2023, GREEN Materials - Processes - Industry, to Dr. Konstantin Schutjajew awarded in recognition of his outstanding, at the University of Potsdam prepared dissertation with the title:
"Electrochemical Sodium Storage in Non-Graphitizing Carbons - Insights into Mechanisms and Synthetic Approaches towards High-Energy Density Materials".

"As part of his dissertation, Mr. Shutyayev investigated new mechanisms for the incorporation of sodium in a quasi-metallic form in carbon materials. In doing so, he boldly and creatively pursued new and unconventional working hypotheses and at the same time developed new analytical methods.

Mr. Schutjajew was able to show the possibility of the reversible underpotential deposition of sodium and the connections between the electrochemical signature and the structure of the carbon materials. He also developed concepts for the targeted production of carbon materials with so-called closed pores and thus a high plateau capacity. The effects of Mr. Schutjajew's work will not be limited to the field of sodium batteries, but will also advance the development of materials for other electrochemical energy storage concepts.

The award of this prize should encourage Mr. Schutjajew as a young researcher to continue to pursue the path he has taken and the search for creative and unconventional chemical solutions for energy issues in the coming years."


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