Prizes and honors

Awards and honors

Die FGCU schreibt Preise für das Jahr 2024 aus!

Die Fachgruppe Chemieunterricht der GDCh schreibt für das Jahr 2024 vier Preise aus.
Mit diesen Preisen würdigt sie Personen, die Herausragendes zur Förderung der Chemie und des Experiments an Schulen, sowie der Chemiedidaktik geleistet haben. Die Preise sollen während der Fachgruppentagung 2024 in Regensburg vergeben werden.

Deadline: 15. Dezember 2023

Nähere Informationen zu den einzelnen Preisen finden Sie weiter unten auf dieser Seite.

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Award for teachers in primary schools

To promote chemistry in general education at elementary schools, the
€ 1,000 and donated by Merck KGaA, Darmstadt. Since 2009, it has been awarded to primary school teachers who have distinguished themselves through special achievements in strengthening the scientific and technical parts of general studies, in particular the chemistry-related parts, at primary schools.

Winners 2023: Ms. Lea Hotfilter and Ms. Julia Kliche

List of winners (pdf.file, 50 KB)

Friedrich Stromeyer Award

The prize, endowed with €3,000 and donated by Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, is intended to promote chemistry lessons. Since 1982 it has been awarded to teachers who have distinguished themselves through special achievements in the field of chemistry teaching in schools.

awardee 2023: Dr. Holger Fleischer

List of winners (pdf.file, 55 KB)

Manfred and Wolfgang Flad Award

The €4,000 prize donated by the Dr. Flad, is awarded for particularly successful experimental lectures at annual conferences of the Division, for the experimental development of a specialist area with regard to training, teaching and teaching or for the development of a new type of experiment for chemical education . The prize has been awarded annually since 2017.

awardee 2022: StR Stephan Matussek

List of winners (pdf.file, 57 KB)

Heinrich Roessler Award

The prize, endowed with €4,000 and the Heinrich Roessler Medal and donated by Degussa AG, today Evonik Industries AG, Essen, has been awarded to a personality from school, university, industry or public life for special services to chemical education since 1984. The prize is named after Degussa's first technical director, who made pioneering achievements in the field of scientific education and vocational training in the 19th century. The prize is awarded every two years.

Winner 2022: Mrs. Dr. Ilona Siehr

List of winners (pdf.file, 54 KB)

Honorary members of the Division

The GDCh Division chemical education Department has awarded honorary membership to the personalities mentioned below who have been outstandingly committed to the Division since it was founded in 1971 and have thus rendered outstanding services to chemistry didactics and chemical education :

Prof. Dr. Hans Rudolf Christen (†)

Prof. Dr. Ralph

OStD aD Birgitta Krumm (†)

Hours. retired Renate Hermanns (†)

Prof. Dr. Holger Butenschön

Prof. Dr. Walter

Prof. Dr. Siegfried

Dr. Franz

Prof. Dr. Heinz Schmidkunz (†)

Previous prices of the Division

Hans Herloff Inhoffen Prize

Donated by the Schering Foundation
The prize was awarded in 2005 and 2007 to young European researchers who were in the process of academic qualification, already in their qualification phase - e. B. PhD or habilitation - had completed or reached a first professional position.

List of winners (pdf.file, 14 KB)

Johann Friedrich Gmelin Prize

Donated by Wiley-VCH, Weinheim
The prize was awarded from 1984 to 2003 to young people who have worked to improve chemistry lessons.

List of winners (pdf.file, 15 KB)

Heinz Schmidkunz Prize

GDCh high school diploma award

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GDCh final price

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