2021 Duderstadt

Truss, cement works and substitute fuel

11. SEC Technology Tour

Rathaus in Duderstadt (© Ralf König)
Rathaus in Duderstadt (© Ralf König)

We invited you to the 11th SEC Technology Tour from September 12th to 13th, 2021 in Eichsfeld. The program included a city tour of the romantic half-timbered town of Duderstadt, a dinner together followed by an overnight stay in the Duderstadt area. The next day the focus was on the "Technology" part: in the morning we had the opportunity to learn about the processing of plastic waste, which is used as fuel for the neighboring cement plant. To round it all off, we visited the cement factory in Deuna in the afternoon.


Duderstadt is one of the most beautiful half-timbered towns in Germany, which we visited on the afternoon of the day we arrived, a Sunday. Afterwards we drove to Fuhrbach, where we had dinner together and spent the night.

Plastic processing

The next morning we had an appointment with the company B+T Group in Deuna. The B+T Group (based in Alsfeld) is a supra-regional association of individual companies from the waste disposal sector. It takes on tasks in northern Hesse, Lower Saxony and Thuringia. Your strength is logistics! On the premises of Deuna Zement GmbH, secondary fuel is produced from pre-sorted commercial waste according to the requirements of the cement plant and used there directly as fuel.

Deuna cement plant

Dykerhoff GmbH's Deuna cement plant was founded in 1975 and today produces around 2 million tons of cement per year, especially cement for prefabricated concrete parts. B+T's secondary fuel is burned in two huge rotary kilns. In the Deuna cement plant it accounts for around 80% of the fuel. The tour also included a bus trip to the limestone open-cast mine northwest of the cement plant.

A report about the excursion appeared in the Nachrichten aus der Chemie: Nachr. Chem. 2021, 69 (12), 91.

Wolfgang Gerhartz
Hans-Uwe von Grabowski
in July 2021

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