2019 Salzgitter

Blast furnace and Hugo

Nachtwächter "Hugo"
Nachtwächter "Hugo"

The 10th SEC Technology Tour took us to the Braunschweig area on September 30, 2019. The program included a visit to the flat steelworks in Salzgitter and an evening tour through the historic Magni district in Braunschweig with the night watchman "Hugo".

Salzgitter flat steel works

In the visitor center of the flat steel works of Salzgitter AG, a film introduced the plant and flat steel production. Then we drove by bus through the extensive factory premises to the blast furnace. There we were lucky and were able to witness the spectacular blast furnace tapping. After separating from the slag, we followed the molten pig iron into the steelworks, where huge converters of iron are turned into steel. The liquid steel is then cast into semi-finished products such as slabs in the continuous caster. The slabs are then transported to the kilometer-long rolling mill, where powerful rollers roll the steel blocks into a sheet metal sheet, which is then steered onto rollers at a speed of up to 70 km / h and wound into coils at the end of the road. After this exciting factory tour, we went back to Braunschweig.

Historic Magni district in Braunschweig

In the early evening Uwe von Grabowski led us past the old town hall, the Braunschweig castle and the Rizzi house to the meeting point with the night watchman Hugo, who was armed with a halberd, in the historic Magni district. With "Hugo" we wandered through the Magni district and listened with pleasure to his knowledgeable and witty-amusing remarks in Brunswick dialect. Hugo knew how to tell stories about almost every house and of course about the church. The ninety-minute tour was vivid, instructive and amusing at the same time. It ended with a hearty Mumme menu in the rustic restaurant ?Das Anders? in a great atmosphere. Mumme is a beer specialty from Braunschweig.

Web gallery Salzgitter and Braunschweig

Im Besucherzentrum der Salzgitter AG
Teilnehmer der Exkursion
Hotel Deutsches Haus
Burgplatz in Braunschweig
Burgplatz in Braunschweig
Magniviertel in Braunschweig
Magniviertel in Braunschweig
Burg Dankwarderode mit Löwe und Rathausturm
Schloss in Braunschweig
Stadtführung Magniviertel
Gruppe mit Nachtwächter "Hugo"
Posaunenengel von St. Magni
Ausklang bei "Mumme" im "Das Anders"

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