Awards & Honors

Awards & Honors from the GDCh Division of Analytical Chemistry

Clemens-Winkler Medal

The medal is awarded to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to scientific development and the promotion and recognition of analytical chemistry through their years of commitment.

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Division Award prize for analytical chemistry

The Division Award prize recognizes outstanding and independent achievements by dedicated and talented scientists in the field of analytical chemistry.

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Fresenius Lectureship

The Division Board nominates renowned university lecturers from German-speaking countries as Fresenius Lecturers, who present their analytical research areas upon invitation at the GDCh local colloquia.

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Student Award Analytical Chemistry

Since 2009, the Division has been awarding prizes for the best students of a year in the subject of analytical chemistry after passing their bachelor's or master's degree.

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Prizes of the working groups of the Division of Analytical Chemistry

DAAS: Bunsen-Kirchhoff Award, DAAS Award

AK process analytics: process analytics Award, PAT Award for Young Scientists

AK separation science: Ernst-Bayer Award, Eberhard-Gerstel Award, Gerhard-Hesse Award

Poster prices ANAKON

Various poster prizes - including the Renishaw Prize - are regularly awarded at the ANAKON conferences.

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