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history of chemistry : Communications ISSN 0934-8506

The communications from the Division of History of Chemistry are one of only four chemical history journals in the world.

They have generally been published once a year since 1988. Members of the Division receive the magazine as part of their membership fee; Others can request the booklets from the office for a fee. Subscriptions are not possible.

The communications publish both lectures from the Division 's Conferences and free contributions. The “Documentation and Information” section – summarized in the electronic edition – contains news from the field and points out relevant Conferences, exhibitions and new publications.

Contributions can be submitted in German or English. Please refer to the author guidelines for further information.

The communications are regularly bibliographically referenced in the Chemical Abstracts and in the Isis Current Bibliography on the History of Science.

From 2016 onwards, the magazine will also be freely accessible electronically. The content of the messages can be accessed via the following menu. There is a cumulative table of contents for years 1 (1988) – 20 (2009).

Editorial team

Prof. Dr. Carsten Reinhardt /
Dr. Marcus Carrier
Bielefeld University
Dept. of Historical Sciences
PO Box 10 01 31
D-33501 Bielefeld

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