awardee of the Bruno Rossmann Prize

awardee of the Bruno Rossmann Prize


awardee (place at the time of the award)

Subject of work

1992 Frank Bohnenstengel, Berlin Use of a fast, very sensitive static headspace GC method to examine foodstuffs with regard to loss or deviations in flavor
Dr. Ute Hagenauer-Hener and Dr. Uwe Hener, Eschborn Development of a simple, practice-oriented HPLC simultaneous method for the determination of relevant food additives and ingredients
1993 Michael Mayer, Munich Development of an electrophoretic screening method for the detection of irradiation of food containing cells
1994 Steven Nyanzi, Karlsruhe Systematic investigation and optimization of the method of determination of dithiocarbamate fungicides in plant foods
1995 Dr. Andreas Pfalzgraf, Hamburg Development of a fast and simple method for determining ? ? tocopherol in meat samples
1996 Jürgen Ammon and
Dr. Michael Hartmann,
Development of a fast and simplified method for the detection of radiation treatment in processed foods using radiation-induced hydrocarbons
Dr. Thomas Lötzbeyer, Freising Development of a portable flow analysis system based on amperometric biosensors for decentralized applications
1997 Dr. Gabriele-Christine
Chemnitius, Münster
Development of a fast and simple method for the determination of biogenic amines in fish using sensors
1998 Anja Ibach, Wuppertal Development of a fast and simple method for the determination of three isoxazolylpenicillins in raw milk by means of HPLC-integrated solid phase extraction
1999 Michelangelo Anastassiades, Stuttgart Development of quick and simple methods for the summary determination of carbendazim, benomyl, thiophanate methyl and 2,4-D in plant samples using SFE technology
2000 Jörg Stroka, Ispra (I) Development of a simple and reliable method of determining aflatoxins in food using thin-layer chromatography and a fluorescence detector based on semiconductors
2001 Dr. Bernd Klaubert, Munich Rapid methods for the detection and determination of toxicologically relevant pollutants in the mobile laboratory container for food chemistry/ ecochemistry of the Bundeswehr medical service
Harald Schäfer, Münster Simple method for determining the freshness of hazelnuts via a color reaction with triphenyltetrazolium chloride (TTC)
2002 Dr. Roland Perz and
Dr. Holger van Lishaut, Stuttgart
Development of a fast and simple method for the selective determination of all substance classes of dithio-carbamate fungicides in plant-based foods using ion-pair HPLC
2003 Dr. Birgit Gutsche, Heidelberg and Dr. Rüdiger Weißhaar, Winnenden Contribution to the discovery of the pathway of acrylamide in potato products via asparagine and reducing sugars
2004 Dr. Stefanie Meier,
Development of a multi-analyte sensor for the determination of the sugars glucose, fructose and sucrose for on-site monitoring of fermentation processes
2005 Dr. Dirk Lachenmeier, Karlsruhe Development of a rapid method for the determination of ethyl carbamate in stone fruit brandies using FTIR spectroscopy and multivariate data analysis
2006 Dr. Gregor Kos,
Montreal / Canada
Development of an FTIR / ATR method to determine the degree of contamination of cereals with deoxynivalenol (DON)
2008 Dr. Ingrid Walz, Stuttgart Development of fast biochemical test methods for the determination of insecticidal organophosphate and carbamate residues in plant-based foods
2010 David Siegel, Berlin Improvement and simplification of the instrumental quantification of mycotoxins in food using covalent hydrazine chemistry
2013 Franziska Vaagt, Hamburg Innovative molecular biological methods for food analysis

Dr. Tabea plum

Dr. Jan Porep


Sodium release from white bread as the basis for reducing table salt in baked goods

Use of near-infrared spectroscopy as a rapid method for assessing the quality of grape mash

2016 Dr. Stefan Kittlaus
Investigation of matrix effects in pesticide analysis - development and validation of a fully automatic multi-method for over 300 active ingredients in fruit and vegetables using HILIC-RP-MS / MS.
2017 Florian Kaltner
Development and validation of a cost-efficient HPLC-FLD method for the routine analysis of fumonisin B1 and B2 in maize
2018 Dr. Claudia Oellig
Screening methods for the determination of ergot and ergot alkaloids in rye
2020 Katharina M. Schlegel, Munich

Myco-DES: Enabling Remote Extraction of Mycotoxins for Robust and Reliable Quantification by Stable Isotope Dilution LC-MS / MS

2021 Dr. Martin Eckardt, Dresden

Non-intentionally added substances (NIAS): Assessment of oligomers in food contact materials

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