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Energiewendesymposium: Diskussion
Energiewendesymposium: Diskussion

We, the seniors of the Working Group (AK) public relations, communicate the concerns of the Senior Expert Chemists to the outside world and within the GDCh. We improve the public's understanding of basic chemical relationships. To this end, we make our specialist knowledge and experience available on a voluntary basis. The spokesperson of the working group is Prof. Dr. Klaus-Peter Jäckel.

The public relations Working Group establishes contacts and expands networks, disseminates information, strengthens the identity of Senior Expert Chemists and encourages new Senior Expert Chemists to collaborate.

Furthermore, we see our task in strengthening the sense of togetherness among senior citizens and the community awareness of the SEC as well as the communication within the GDCh and the two SEC working groups. To this end, we offer regional and national Conferences such as the SEC annual meeting, joint excursions or lecture events.

We also - in cooperation with the working group education - activate senior citizens at the local association level and establish and deepen contacts with JCF regional sections as well as senior citizens and active people at all levels. This means that all members organized in the GDCh can continue to identify with the GDCh even as senior citizens and, if possible, encourage colleagues to join or re-join. We therefore structure our activities as follows:

The AK network, which existed until December 2019, was merged with the AK public relations at that time.

Wolfgang Gerhartz


Spokesman of the AK public relations is Dr. Wolfgang Gerhartz. His representative is Dr. Klaus Dieter Franz


GDCh headquarters
Dipl.-Biol. Nicole Bürger
Tel +49 69 7917-231

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