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We, the SEC working group, "School Education Profession", have set ourselves the following tasks and goals:


  • to maintain contact with schools ( see offer at schools )
  • to support GDCh activities such as school days and high school graduation awards through school partnerships. As part of the school partnerships, we offer generally understandable lectures. Their topics and speakers can be researched on the Internet. We have been recognized as MINT ambassadors for this activity, and the MINT future creating initiative offers our list of topics under " Offers for schools ". We aim to work with the Darmstadt-based educational service provider two4science.
  • To motivate and advise pupils - especially those in upper secondary school - to choose a scientific-technical degree
  • to actively and supportively accompany scientific and technical learning processes through specialist lectures
  • to offer subject-related further and advanced training topics to the training centers for teachers
  • To mediate contacts between teachers and scientists in universities and industry
  • to work intensively with the GDCh Division " chemical education Lessons " ( CHEMKON 2013, 2, 91 )
  • To involve senior citizens in selected areas of education and training at universities, schools and in extracurricular educational institutions
  • To win seniors as "godparents" for kindergartens and to provide entry assistance for experiments in kindergarten
  • to cultivate common interests and activities with the other SEC working groups
  • to create a forum for discussions about current scientific developments
  • To establish contact with groups outside the GDCh, such as the Association of the Chemical Industry ( VCI ), the Federal Employers' Association for Chemistry ( BAVC ) and the German Association for the Promotion of Mathematics and Science Education ( MNU ).

School partnership

Numerous senior citizens put their knowledge at the service of science lessons. They offer lectures at schools that are well received. more

School laboratories

In Germany there are numerous school laboratories in which children can get to know chemistry outside of school. The Wikipedia article "School Laboratory " gives details and many further links. The school laboratory atlas on the Internet provides an overview.

Petra Schultheiss-Reimann


Spokeswoman of the working group School Education Occupation is Dr. Petra Schultheiss-Reimann. Your representative is Dr. Wolfgang Kortmann.


GDCh headquarters
Dipl.-Biol. Nicole Bürger
Tel +49 69 7917-231

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