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The Senior Expert Chemists

We, the Senior Expert Chemists (Senior Expert Chemists; SEC), are mostly chemists who have retired from active professional life and who organize ourselves under the umbrella of the GDCh. Most of us have a college education. We have gained our professional experience, mostly over 30 years, in responsible positions in industrial companies, educational institutions, research institutes or authorities. We make this knowledge and experience available to society. The main areas of our interests are:

- to strengthen the reputation of chemistry among the public
- to deepen the public's understanding of chemistry
- To learn and pass on chemistry knowledge throughout your life
- To build networks of chemists at home and abroad
- maintain international contacts

Our commemorative publication 15 years of the SEC can be downloaded.

For us, women and men (or others) are of course equal. However, for the sake of better readability, we use the generic masculine when describing people.

The SEC annual meeting

Diskussion beim 2. SEC Jahrestreffen

The SEC annual meeting is the joint identification project of the Senior Expert Chemists. The meetings usually take place every two years at different locations. Top-class lectures, sufficient time for discussion and the chance to form and maintain networks attract up to 250 participants. more

working groups

public relations

We promote a better understanding of chemistry among the public. We communicate the concerns of senior chemists in the GDCh and society. We promote networking among seniors within the GDCh. The focus is on Conferences, lectures, publications and excursions. Collaboration with local associations and young chemists is particularly important to us. more...


School Education Profession

We put our knowledge and experience at the service of chemistry education at every age. The focus is on lectures at schools and other educational institutions. Internally we work with the GDCh Division “ chemical education” specialist group. External contacts exist with the “Children’s Research” foundation and with MINT organizations such as the MINT Creating the Future initiative. more...

Technology Tour

Im Labor der BRAIN AG

The SEC technology tours have been taking place since 2007, often together with the VAA pensioners from Hanau. A tour of a technology company is often combined with experiencing art or a hike. more...

SEC lecturer

Prof Klaus Roth

SEC lecturer are senior experts who can present knowledgeably and understandably on interdisciplinary topics. Above all, they enrich the lecture programs of the local sections. more...


Sitzung des Arbeitskreises Öffentlichkeitsarbeit (2015)

The Senior Expert Chemists (SEC) are a Division of the GDCh. Five members make up the Board of Directors. Two working groups are currently active. The Board and working groups meet several times a year for meetings more...

SEC online lecture: April 9, 2024, 3 p.m

Günther Kempe: Food scandals – residue analysis

9th SEC annual meeting in Magdeburg

May 6-8, 2024

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