Fritz Straßmann Award

Fritz Straßmann Award

Award statutes

§1 The Board of the Division of the nuclear chemistry Department decides to award a Division Award called the “Fritz Straßmann Award”.

§2 The Division Award is awarded to personalities who have achieved outstanding achievements in the field of nuclear chemistry .

§3 The prize can usually be awarded every four years.

§4 All members of the Division are entitled to make suggestions. Self-applications are excluded. The board and advisory board members of the Division decide on the award of the award with a simple majority of votes. In the event of a tie, the vote of the chair of the Division is decisive.

§5 Applications must be submitted electronically to the GDCh Office . The informal application, which should contain a justification for the candidate proposal, must be enclosed:

• a CV with a maximum of three pages and a list of publications,
Lectures and awards

• three selected publications including a description of your own contribution
in the case of multi-author articles

§6 The award should, if possible, take place in conjunction with a Division conference and a lecture by the award winner. The award includes a certificate that demonstrates the merits of the recipient. The prize is endowed with 2500 euros. The prize is financed from donations or from the specialist group budget.

§7 Changes to these statutes are only possible with a 2/3 majority of the Divisions board.

Resolution of the board of June 21, 2018, Dresden-Rossendorf

The awardee is usually recognized at the annual meeting of the Division . The awardee will give a lecture there. The next call for proposals is planned for award in 2026.

Fritz Straßmann Award - awardee

Dr. habil. Moritz Schmidt, Helmholtz Center Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR)

Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Modolo, Research Center Jülich

PD Dr. Thorsten Stumpf, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Institute for Nuclear Waste Management (INE)

Dr. Sönke Szidat University of Bern, Laboratory for Radio and environmental chemistry
Dr. Clemens Walther, Institute for Nuclear Waste Management, FZ Karlsruhe

Dr. Petra J. Panak, Institute for Nuclear Waste Management, FZ Karlsruhe

Dr. Tobias Reich, Institute of Radiochemistry, FZ Rossendorf

Dr. Thomas Fanghänel, Institute for Nuclear Waste Management, FZ Karlsruhe

Dr. Andreas Türler, Paul Scherrer Institute/CH

Dr. Klaus Lützenkirchen, University of Mainz

Dr. Christoph Lierse, TU Munich

Prof. Dr. Rolf Michel, University of Hanover

Dr. Norbert Trautmann, University of Mainz

Institutions/institutes at the time of the award ceremony

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