Starting a business

Information for start-ups

The FG FFCh supports chemists who want to become self-employed, whether as a laboratory owner, by setting up a production company or as a freelance consultant or expert in any discipline.

If you need support, simply contact the FFCh Board. Contacts and exchange are particularly important and helpful in the start-up phase.

Links to business start-ups
Information offered by the Federal Ministry of Economics, with telephone hotline

Fee calculator
gives an idea for calculating the hourly wage

Founding catalog
The kfw-Mittelstandsbank offers articles, information and advice on the subject of financing as well as a virtual start-up center.

Founding country
is the website of a startup consultancy that offers lots of free content and additional links.

Federal Ministry of Economics and Labor
has its own start-up area. The brochures and free software packages are particularly interesting.

Checklists on all topics related to starting a business

The advice offered by the IHKs is classic. Find your regional IHK on the main page of and look for the right offers.

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