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Construction chemistry tasks and questions arise at any time in the construction industry, in the building materials industry, in the building trade, in the preservation of monuments and, if necessary, for the building users. In phases of buoyant construction activity - combined with increased new construction - the tasks and questions are in part different from those in quieter phases of construction activity, in which building maintenance is given greater weight. Since the volume of new buildings has fallen sharply in the recent past, another period of extensive building conservation measures will lie ahead of us. Your costs can exceed those of the new building measures. In the context of maintenance measures, the chemistry of construction materials, for example in the selection of suitable building materials, is even more important than in the context of new construction measures.

The GDCh Division of the Chemistry of Construction Materials, which has existed since 1997 and has more than 300 members, has set itself the goal of pooling construction chemistry knowledge, contributing to the exchange of information and providing new impulses. She would like to improve the building chemistry knowledge of all construction professionals, but also to influence legal and official requirements in a technically sound manner.

However, the diverse tasks of the chemistry of construction materials can only be mastered if appropriately trained staff is available. This applies to chemists, more of whom are needed with a qualified training in the chemistry of construction materials , for representatives: inside the fields of architecture, civil engineering and monument preservation, but also for the many other construction workers, of whom too few have sufficient knowledge of construction chemistry issues. This often leads to the wrong use or wrong combination of building materials, which can result in consequential damage and costs.

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Main areas of work


  • Working meetings, which are usually held once a year. The conference contributions will be published as a GDCh monograph.
  • Maintaining relationships and exchanging information with related institutions and associations at home and abroad,
  • Issuing and promoting monographs, specialist journals and similar publications including the use of ?new media? in the fields of construction chemistry.




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