Rudolf-Hoppe Lectureship

Rudolf-Hoppe Lectureship of the GDCh Division of Solid-State Chemistry & Materials Research

In honor of Rudolf Hoppe, since 2016 the Division has usually given this named lecture every two years to personalities who have made outstanding scientific achievements in the field of solid state chemistry and materials research. The award comes with a certificate of award, prize money of 1,000 euros donated by the Division and an invitation to give four lectures. The first of these lectures usually takes place directly after the award ceremony at the Division conference .

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Hoppe (1922-2014; obituary ) shaped solid state chemistry like no other through his enormous scientific breadth and his striving for a deep understanding of inorganic structural chemistry based on electrostatic models.

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Rudolf-Hoppe Lectureship 2022

On the occasion of the 21st Lecture Conference on Inorganic Chemistry on September 27th, 2022 in Marburg, the Division of Solid-State Chemistry & Materials Research Research Group awarded the Rudolf-Hoppe Lectureship to Professor Thomas Fässler (Technical University of Munich) in recognition of his outstanding work on lithium ion conductors.

"His excellent interdisciplinary contributions in the field of solid state and materials research are honored. His scientific work impresses with its wealth of ideas, the wide range of accomplished synthetic work and clearly communicated structure-property relationships. Furthermore, Professor Fässler's scientific lectures are able to inspire a broad audience and are therefore entirely in keeping with the spirit of the prize to be awarded".

Rudolf-Hoppe Lectureship 2018

v.l.n.r.: Prof. Dr. U. Ruschewitz, Prof. Dr. M. Wickleder,
Dr. S.A. Schunk, Prof. Dr. A. Pfitzner (Foto: Moosburger)

The Rudolf Hoppe Lecture 2018 was awarded at the Division conference in Regensburg. awardee Dr. Mathias Wickleder from the University of Cologne.

"Mathias Wickleder is one of the most important and influential German-speaking solid-state chemists of the last decade. His work, especially on compounds with various oxoanions, also received great attention worldwide. But Mathias Wickleder is above all a preparative chemist who, through creative ideas, created access to compounds whose existence years ago would have been considered impossible. Everyone who has heard one of his lectures can confirm his special ability to convey these results to an interested scientific and non-scientific audience."

Rudolf-Hoppe Lectureship 2016

The Rudolf-Hoppe Lectureship was awarded for the first time as part of the Division conference in Innsbruck. The newly created name lecture is intended to illustrate the importance of inorganic solid-state chemistry as an important foundation for any material development. The awardee is Professor Tom Nilges (TU Munich).

"Mr. Nilges' work is characterized by a wide chemical spectrum and makes substantial contributions to different areas of solid state and materials chemistry. His investigations into the allotropes of phosphorus are already part of recent textbooks on inorganic chemistry and his findings on chemical The modifiability of thermoelectric materials has received considerable international attention. Mr. Nilges' enthusiasm for his research can be felt in his lively lectures, so that the Division is convinced that it has selected a worthy awardee to convey the great importance of solid state and materials chemistry."

Rudolf-Hoppe Lectureship 2016ff

award year place of award awardee: in Affiliation at the time of the award
2022 marburg Prof. Dr. Thomas Fassler Technical University of Munich
2020 No allocation (Corona)
2018 regensburg Prof. Dr. Mathias Wickleder University of Cologne
2016 Innsbruck, Austria Prof. Dr. Tom Nilges Technical University of Munich

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