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Einhard, Eipott and Ei guure like

Vor der Krypta der Einhardsbasilika

The 4th SEC Technology Tour took a group of senior chemists (GDCh Senior Expert Chemists and VAA Werksgruppe Industriepark Wolfgang) to Erbach in the Odenwald on August 26, 2011. Despite the long journey and a bad weather forecast, the tour was almost fully booked with 32 participants.


Einhard belonged to the large circle of Europe's intellectual elite at Charlemagne's court in Aachen. He was particularly close to Karl and was his biographer. After Karl's death, he was given a considerable part of the Muhlinheim district, today Seligenstadt, and built a church "of a not inglorious kind" in Steinbach near Michelstadt as his burial place. It is still preserved today and, along with the basilica in Seligenstadt and the royal hall in Lorsch, is one of the last surviving Carolingian buildings north of the Alps. Together with the tour guide, the seniors were able to admire the fine Carolingian masonry, the original nave and even remains of Carolingian frescoes. The fact that things turned out differently with Einhard's burial is another interesting story.


A little later, the retirees met with the same guide in the district town of Erbach for a city tour. In front of the palace, a statue of the most important of the Erbach counts, Franz I, dressed in a Roman toga greets his subjects. Franz owes this item of clothing, which is somewhat unusual in the Odenwald, to his passion for antiquity. He excavated Roman remains along the nearby Limes and "collected" numerous Roman antiquities in Italy, now an important collection in the castle. But he also introduced compulsory schooling, reformed agriculture and established ivory carving, and thus jobs in the structurally weak region. The baroque palace now belongs to the state of Hesse, but Hereditary Count Eberhard von Erbach-Erbach now lives on the second floor - a baroque penthouse of almost 1000m2. While the Count is correctly addressed as "Erlaucht", the Erbacher is more appropriate to say "Egg coo like", which in the practical language of the Odenwald means "Hello, how are you". Opposite the castle is the Erbacher Brauhaus directly on the Mümling. In the past, a rider was sent up the river on brewing days in order to prevent any waste water from being discharged beforehand. The senior chemists enjoyed a cold beer anyway, as the temperature had meanwhile climbed to well over 30 °. After the break, the group split up into " Castle Tour " and " German Ivory Museum ".

Egg pot

The excursion ended with a tour of the Koziol company, now one of Erbach's largest employers. The exciting thing about Koziol is not so much the technology, but its creation. This company also started carving ivory. After 1945, however, cheap mass products were in demand, and Bernhard Koziol made souvenir items. The big hit was the snow globe, which Mr. Koziol was supposedly inspired to make by looking out of the pretzel window of his VW Beetle into the snow-covered Odenwald. Thanks to the consistent restructuring of the product range, Koziol is now playing in the concert of the great product designers: "Designed in Odenwald." The list of international design awards is remarkable.
After a look into Koziol's modern injection molding hall, visitors to the "Koziol Outlet" were able to get an idea of the many funny ideas of the Koziol designers for themselves. An egg cup in the suggested shape of an iPod from the company with the apple achieved particular fame. In August 2010, Apple successfully sued the use of the name. The egg stand is now also being sold under the name "Pott 2.0"; the corresponding cardboard box is decorated with a decapitated egg - not remotely resembling a bitten apple.

Im Museum von Koziol

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