Young people's workshop at the university

Young people's workshop at the university of the GDCh Division of Macromolecular Chemistry

This workshop of the GDCh Division of Macromolecular Chemistry, which usually takes place in odd years, gives young scientists (Habilitation/Juniorprofessorship/Scholarship) in the field of polymer science the opportunity to present themselves and their independent research work to a selected, scientific audience from universities and industry. The winner(s) of the Reimund Stadler Prize, which is endowed with 5,000 euros, will be determined from among the participants. In addition, the Division awards scholarships to other workshop participants.

Current call for proposals: young talent workshop at university 2023

Submission deadline: May 30, 2023

In odd-numbered years, the Division of Macromolecular Chemistry of the German Chemical Society (GDCh) organizes the university teaching teaching workshop for young scientists, in which young scientists (habilitation/junior professorship/scholarship) can present themselves and their independent research work - to be proven by scientific publications and third-party funds raised.

The youth workshop
After a positive decision in the selection process, up to twelve people will be invited to the 11./12. September 2023 to take part in the young people's workshop at the Freudenberg company in Weinheim. The winner of the Reimund Stadler Prize 2024, which is endowed with 5000 euros, will be determined from among the participants (awarded during the next Division conference in September 2024 in Dresden); In addition, up to two young talent grants of 1,000 euros each will be awarded. A selection committee appointed by the Board of the Division decides on the invitation to participate in the workshop and the awarding of the prizes. Participation in the workshop is linked to the fact that no permanent position has yet been taken up. The Division bears the costs for participation in the workshop. The event language is English.

Both nominations by the scientific supervisor and applications are possible. All proposed or applicants should be about to complete their habilitation, junior professorship or scholarship. A second nomination/application will only be considered if no invitation to participate in the workshop was issued the first time. All proposals contain the following documents:


  • Appreciation of the work by the scientific supervision,
  • curriculum vitae (including contact details),
  • Short description of the work areas/fields of activity,
  • List of references (without posters/lectures) identifying the five most important publications and
  • Information on third-party funds raised (source of third-party funds, duration, funding amount, main/co-application)

Please send all applications and nominations electronically and summarized in one PDF file to the GDCh Office for the attention of Maike Fries.

Workshop 2022: ALTANA, online (March 20, 2022)

The workshop for young people, originally planned as a two-day face-to-face event for autumn 2021 at ALTANA in Wesel, was only postponed to spring 2022 due to the corona situation and ultimately - to the great regret of the Divisions board and all participants - was carried out as a one-day Online event.


Workshop 2019: Evonik, Marl (23/24 September 2019)

Workshop 2017: BASF, Ludwigshafen (September 25/26, 2017)

Workshop 2015: Lanxess, Leverkusen (September 28/29, 2015)

Workshop 2013: Henkel, Düsseldorf (November 7/8, 2013)


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